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      Singer Kathy Veer has performed everywhere from churches to cafés to concert halls.  She began as a guitarist at the age of eleven, and continued as a big band drummer at the age of fifteen.  Jazz and blues formed the very heart of her musical soul.  Miss Veer began singing around age twenty, and was engaged as a working musician through the 1980s in a variety of musical genres.  Her vocal style evolved into a diverse blend that would compare to the sounds of Rickie Lee Jones, Karen Carpenter, Etta James, and Amy Grant.

     Over the years, Kathy has continued her musical endeavors in Christian ministry, along side her husband.  Together they have encouraged many people across denominations, among audiences young and old, and within several prisons in their home state of Georgia.  She also served as music director at Augusta State Medical Prison, and at Gibson First Baptist Church.  She currently offers concerts in church sanctuary settings, and has recently started a new “church fellowship” program called “Encore Melodies”, bringing back the old jazz vocal standards of the 40s and beyond.